Dublin City Council must investigate rat infestation at the Oliver Bond complex – Ardagh    

Published on: 10 November 2020

Fianna Fáil Senator for Dublin South Central Catherine Ardagh has called on Dublin City Council and the HSE to take ownership of the rat infestation problem in the Oliver Bond complex.

Senator Ardagh said “The residents in the Oliver Bond Complex are living in fear as the complex is been overtaken by scores of rats. This is an ongoing problem and the residents feel abandoned by DCC and the HSE.

“The current procedure is that once a complaint is logged with DCC it is then logged with the HSE. A response from the HSE can take up to 3 days. There is no other option for the residents but to stay in their property with the rats running riot in the complex. The rats don’t go away for three days and wait for traps to be put down”

“It is not acceptable that we have residents paying their rent and living in such horrendous conditions. I am calling on Dublin City Council and the HSE to liaise with the residents of the complex with a view to putting an end to this problem once and for all”

“Coming out and putting down traps is a waste of time and resources. Additionally, the location of the complex to the River Liffey been put forward as a reason for the rat infestation doesn’t wash with the residents as they are not the only complex located on the banks of the Liffey, yet they seem to be the only community with rats running riot in their homes”

“After such a challenging year due to Covid 19, I would urge all stakeholders to come together as matter of urgency to eradicate this issue so that the residents of Oliver Bond can start making plans for Christmas in their own community and not to be worrying about rats playing havoc in their homes” Senator Ardagh concluded.