Webinars: Elimination of violence against women

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Eliminating Violence Against Women  

-Join us for a series of public webinars-
 Fianna Fáil is looking at how we can best tackle violence against women and support organisations active in the area.
It is clear that there are many different factors that need to be addressed and that a whole of society response is needed where we all play our part to confront this threat and ensure that victims of crime get justice.
As part of this work within the party, we are focusing on how we can best support this holistic response. We are particularly looking at measures needed around service provision; education and culture change; the criminal justice sector; and how wider society can better support this issue.
Deputy Jim O’Callaghan is in the process of preparing a policy paper on this issue and ahead of the launch of the document, we will hold a series of public online webinars with the aim of discussing priority issues, concerns and areas for action which will commence on Tuesday evening 3 May and run over 4 consecutive nights from 6-7pm.
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