Byrne brings forward legislation to crackdown on illegal dumping

Published on: 27 January 2022

Fianna Fáil Senator Malcolm Byrne will tomorrow (Wednesday 26th January 2022) bring forward legislation to the Seanad that will underpin the use of CCTV, Drone and Automated Number Plate Recognition technology by local authorities to combat the scourge of illegal dumping. 


Until now, there have been limits on how technology has been deployed by local authorities in this way. 

Last year, Senator Byrne contacted local authorities and discovered that nationally, they spent in total up to €100 million a year dealing with illegal dumping and littering.  


Senator Byrne said, “This is a really crucial piece of legislation and urgently needed. Like most people I am frustrated and angry by the tiny minority who engage in illegal dumping. It is just awful to see bags of rubbish dumped indiscriminately. Our beauty spots are being destroyed and the waste poses a hazard to animals. 


“This is as much an urban problem as a rural one. 


"I know this annoyance is shared by councillors across the country. This bill is intended to empower local authorities to authorise the installation and operation of surveillance devices for the purposes of deterring, preventing, detecting and prosecuting certain offences.  


“It will provide for the exchange of certain data from third party data controllers to local authorities for the purposes of the performance of their functions in relation to such offences and to make certain provision for the purposes of regulating the performance of functions under this Act and to provide for related matters.” 

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