St. Brigid’s Day Public Holiday will be a time to celebrate the Louth woman’s Life – McGreehan

Published on: 21 January 2022

Local Fianna Fáil Senator Erin McGreehan has welcomed the news that from 2023 there will be a new annual public holiday at the start of February to mark St. Brigid’s Day.   


Senator McGreehan commented, “St. Brigid was a Louth woman born near my home in Faughart. A formidable woman who ran her own church in Kildare, she is an inspiring lady. As Erin Brigid who has been celebrating St. Brigid’s day here in Louth all my life with the procession of light at the St Brigid’s Shrine every February 1st - I am very proud and delighted that the entire country will now celebrate the life of a spiritual and inspiring woman.  


“It’s also about time we celebrate the Louth woman’s life. We have three holidays dedicated to men in Ireland, Christmas Day, St Stephen’s Day and St Patrick’s Day, none of whom were Irish. As someone who loves our history, who respects our past and the women of our history, I am very glad that this is finally going to happen.” 

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