Every resource must be made available to support our young carers  - McGreehan

Published on: 16 March 2022

Fianna Fáil Senator in Louth, Erin McGreehan, has emphasised the importance of acknowledging all the incredible young carers across the country.
Today on Young Carers Action Day, Senator McGreehan said, "It is crucial that we raise awareness of the struggles and importance of young carers across the country who make massive contributions to their communities and families every day.
"For the estimated 67,000 young carers in Ireland, the caring role can have a profound impact on their lives. It is so important that they receive every resource required to ensure their daily challenges are acknowledged and met with support.
"Earlier, I attended an online event organised by Family Carers Ireland and was struck by the contributions of the young carers. You couldn't be but inspired at how they so eloquently articulated the daily pressures they face and the difficulties involved in trying to balance school work and the needs of loved ones all the while trying to maintain personal relationships and friendships. We heard about the importance of receiving technology from Family Carers Ireland, financial assistance for grinds and the facilitation of peer supports.
"I want to commend them for the incredible contribution they make by caring for their loved ones. Today, I am calling on my colleagues in Government to allocate additional resources dedicated to these inspiring carers in order to provide the necessary supports and to ensure that there is an equal share of supports across the country. I will continue to be their voice in the Seanad and do everything in my power to ensure they receive the help they need.''


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