Russian cyberattacks on Estonia highlight importance of upgrading Ireland’s cyberdefences - Malcolm Byrne

Published on: 18 August 2022

Following up to over 270 overnight cyberattacks on public and private bodies in Estonia emanating from Russia, Senator Malcolm Byrne has again highlighted the need for “massive investment” in Ireland’s cyber defence infrastructure.
He pointed out,
“Estonia is well experienced in facing down cyberterrorism. I only hope that we have learned of our vulnerabilities as a result of the attack on the HSE last year.
“We can expect to see a lot more cyberattacks emanating from anti-Democratic countries, looking to destabilise society and the economy.”
Senator Byrne recognised that additional resources have been provided to the National Cyber Security Centre but warned that we needed a national security strategy. 
“Have no doubt that Ireland’s infrastructure will be targeted by some for criminal gain but by others who are opposed to Ireland taking a strong stance on human rights and the rule of law.”
He added that direct costs to repair the ICT system at the HSE after last year’s cyberattack are headed for €100m apart from the costs to patients and their families.