Fianna Fail MEP for Dublin, Barry Andrews, has said he will support a proposal to suspend the system of protection of landing rights at airports in the European Parliament tomorrow.

MEP Andrews has indicated his support for an amendment to the proposal to extend the suspension of grandfathering rights for airlines to the end of the summer season (mid-October 2020) instead of merely to the end of June. The decision of the European Parliament tomorrow will stop ghost flights immediately.

“The decision in the European Parliament will stop ghost flights immediately. However, a longer suspension of the ‘use it or lose it’ principle would allow airlines some breathing space and an opportunity to plan now based on certainty. The airlines and airports are our lifeline in Ireland and critical to our national infrastructure.

“The ‘use it or lose it’ principle is designed to remove barriers to entry for new airlines and obviously, there is very little chance of a new airline seeking landing slots in 2021.

MEP Andrews called on Minister Ross to come forward with a clear plan, in conjunction with other EU Transport Ministers, to save jobs and protect our vital connections across the globe.

“The crisis has devastated the aviation industry and many thousands of people in Dublin have lost their jobs as a result. I welcome the use of passenger airlines to support vital supply chains, but more must be done.”

“The landing slots should be preserved until the end of the summer season at least (mid-October) to allow airlines an element of clarity as they plan for survival. Obviously, this will be beneficial also for the environment,” concluded the MEP.