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22 November 2022

MEP Kelleher hails 70th anniversary of European Parliament’s foundation

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28 October 2022

New EU agreement sets new zero car emissions target by 2035

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08 September 2022

Irish Govt should consider Floating Storage Regasification Units to enable LNG be imported into the country - MEP Kelleher

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14 July 2022

MEP Kelleher seeks study into how banking rules affect financing of agriculture sector

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08 July 2022

MEP Kelleher asks whether profit margins at Electric Ireland are being maintained despite price hikes

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17 June 2022

MEP Kelleher welcomes proposal to exempt rooftop solar panels on homes from planning requirements

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10 June 2022

Kelleher urges EU Commission to investigate Irish forestry industry

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20 May 2022

MEP Kelleher warns of new campaign, based on falsehoods, to oppose WHO Pandemic Treaty

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05 May 2022

Kelleher and Cowen meet EU Energy Commissioner to discuss dysfunctional wholesale electricity market in Ireland

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05 April 2022

EU Commission’s latest sanctions proposals on Russia are too weak - MEP Kelleher

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