Spring Legislation Programme published by Government Chief Whip Jack Chambers

Published on: 27 January 2022

Government Chief Whip Jack Chambers TD has today published the legislative programme which contains 44 bills for publication by Ministers in the spring Oireachtas session.

The programme received approval from Cabinet this week and is published following extensive engagement and consultation with government departments, officials and the Attorney General.

Minister Chambers said the programme contains a range of ambitious and important bills for prioritisation this term across departments which builds on the legislation already published and enacted by the Government since taking office and delivers on commitment in the Programme for Government.

“I am pleased Cabinet has approved the Spring Legislation Programme which outlines the Government’s legislative commitments for the upcoming Dáil and Seanad terms,” he said.

“The bills prioritised will enable our country to continue to overcome the immediate challenges we face including the Covid19 pandemic but since taking office the Government has also sought to prioritise legislation, policies and initiatives to deliver on our medium and long term policy objectives contained in the Programme for Government so we can embrace opportunities like enhancing our climate ambition, delivering on housing, protecting workers, growing businesses and ensuring our economy and society can thrive once more.”

“Legislation to improve quality of living includes the Work-life Balance Bill and the Right to Request Remote Work Bill. The Electricity Costs (Domestic Electricity Account Holders) Emergency Measures Bill will ensure a €100 deduction on electricity bills for every household in the country and the Consumer Rights Bill will strengthen rights and entitlements for consumers.

Minister Chambers added: “The Gambling Regulation Bill will overhaul the gambling sector in Ireland with a new regulator set up to hold betting companies to account and ensure more safeguards to better assist problem gamblers.”

Other justice reforms include the Garda Síochána (Digital Recording) Bill and the Policing, Security and Community Safety Bill which will ensure Gardaí have the necessary resources and powers to tackle crime and keep people safe.

Legislation for prioritisation in health includes the Public Health (Tobacco and Nicotine Inhaling Products) Bill which introduces a licensing system for the sale of e-cigarettes. The Defective Concrete Blocks Remediation Bill will provide grants to eligible owners of Mica and Pyrite affected homes.

In addition, work will continue on the development, drafting and progression through the House of all other bills and not just those on the priority list.