Sheehan outlines plans to reboot New Ross

Published on: 03 February 2020

Wexford Fianna Fáil candidate Michael Sheehan has outlined a series of plans to support businesses, create jobs and attract investment to New Ross.

The plans include:

  • A new factory for the outskirts of the town
  • The re-establishment of New Ross Town Council
  • A Community Renewal Fund
  • Increased investment in local amenities like playgrounds and sports clubs

Cllr Sheehan explained, “Wexford County Council have recently secured agreement in principal on building a new factory on the outskirts of New Ross. It’s crucial that this now proceeds to the next stage. As Cathaoirleach of the Council this has been a priority for me as it opens the door for domestic or foreign companies to locate here and create jobs.

“We are now at the stage where the project needs national support to proceed to building and leasing stage.  We need to secure the support of the IDA to attract an investor to this new facility.  If this is done properly, the local economy of New Ross and south Wexford stands to benefit enormously.  It will bring more life into our town, leading to meaningful jobs in New Ross with opportunities for people with all levels of education.  Adding to New Ross’ industrial base helps reduce the need for locals to undertake long commutes to city for work. 

“I also believe that New Ross increased powers at a local level so that this community can have a strong say in its own future.  Fianna Fáil believes that the abolition of Town Councils was wrong and robbed large towns like New Ross of their local representation.  If elected to government, my party will establish town councils in every town with a population of 7,500 or more.  This includes New Ross.

“New Ross also needs increased funding to secure local amenities and establish initiatives that will help to rejuvenate and grow our town.  Fianna Fáil plans to increase funding for the Town and Village Renewal Scheme to €31m per year nationally to help communities like New Ross to generate and implement their own ideas about what is best for the town.  We will also establish a Community Investment Fund so that communities can borrow to buy their own vital local assets. 

“The loss of assets like halls, swimming pools, pitches and pubs come as a huge blow to communities and they should be given the chance to buy and operate their assets as a co-operative, rather than permanently losing them.

“We will also increase direct funding for sports clubs, for building new playgrounds and for boosting female participation in sports.  We will work to protect grass roots soccer and ensure that development goes directly to support local clubs.”