Safe and legal pathways must be found for those who are fleeing from Ukraine - Barry Andrews MEP

Published on: 24 February 2022

Barry Andrews MEP for Dublin has demanded that humanitarian assistance be provided to the Ukrainian people in the wake of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

MEP Andrews stated that he was ‘appalled by today’s actions of the Putin regime and that safe and legal pathways must be found for those who are fleeing from Ukraine. Now is the time to think about how to provide humanitarian assistance to the Ukrainian people, including the provision of safe legal pathways for those who wish to leave the country’.

He continued ‘this is a devastating day for Ukraine, with serious consequences likely to unfold in the days to come, including a wave of migration from Ukraine to other European countries. The EU and should be ready to welcome all Ukrainian nationals fleeing their homeland from this conflict’.

Today, we have seen Ukrainian citizens cross the border into Moldova where the government has deployed temporary placement centres near Palanca and Ocnița. Member states across Europe, including Ireland, must react similarly and prepare to open their borders to the Ukrainian people in what is likely to be one of the largest mass migration movements in history.’

‘We must provide unconditional support to Ukraine, a European nation with a country of 45 million people who are part of the European family and have been subjected to an unwarranted act of aggression by an autocratic Russia. Humanitarian supports and solutions for Ukraine must be found rapidly.’