Resignations should be on the cards following deplorable delays at Dublin Airport - Senator Timmy Dooley

Published on: 08 April 2022

Senator Timmy Dooley has expressed amazement that there haven’t been resignations of senior management at Dublin Airport following deplorable delays for passengers.


Senator Dooley commented, “For the main airport in this state to be advising customers to arrive up to 4 hours before a flight is an appalling indictment on the management at Dublin Airport. 


“Dublin Airport management has found themselves in this situation as a result of predatory practices where they have attracted low-cost airlines and lowered standing charges in order to hoover up all the competition at the expense of other airports such as Shannon. 


“Predatory practices at Dublin Airport have left them dominating the entire sector while airports like Shannon wither on the vine. 


“Dublin Airport let people go on voluntary redundancies during the pandemic to better their own capital position and now the fruits of their poor decisions have come to bear. 


“As a matter of urgency, we need to establish a legislative basis for managing our aviation sector in order to ensure regional development through airports like Shannon. 


“The deplorable delays we are seeing in Dublin Airport will have a major negative impact on our tourism sector unless we ensure a regional balance to our aviation sector.”