Pubs require guidelines to prepare for eventual reopening – McGreehan

Published on: 04 September 2020

Fianna Fáil Senator Erin McGreehan says so called ‘wet’ pubs, bars, and nightclubs require guidelines to prepare for their eventual reopening.  

Senator McGreehan has also welcomed comments yesterday from An Taoiseach Micheál Martin TD that such guidelines were being worked on.  

“Small rural pubs have endured some of their most difficult months. While the necessary public health measures were introduced in March to slow the spread of this deadly virus, I believe we need to start preparations for the reopening of these establishments.  

“The local pubs in rural Ireland are an integral fabric of Irish society. It is positive that guidelines for their reopening are currently being worked on. I have no doubt the public health teams and Government are examining bars and pubs in some parts of Europe which have reopened successfully.  

“Pub owners, many of whom are small family run businesses, have been struggling enough. Let’s give them an opportunity to reopen safely and responsibly,” concluded Senator McGreehan.