O’Loughlin calling for ‘return to school’ COVID form to allay fears

Published on: 21 July 2020

Fianna Fáil Senator Fiona O’Loughlin is calling on the Department of Education and Skills to provide schools with a ‘return to school’ COVID-19 form which will assess if each student has travelled, quarantined, or has any symptoms of the coronavirus before returning to school this September.


She explained, “As so many of us return to work in some shape or attend appointments we have filled in forms which ask if we have had COVID-19, been in contact with anyone who has, or had symptoms. It is good practise and ensures the safety of those around us.


“I believe pupils returning to school this August or September ought to have such a form in place to be filled in by a parent or guardian. I have been contacted by parents who have concerns for their children returning to the classroom having heard of other families planning trips abroad before September.


“This is a live problem. I will raise these concerns with the Minister for Education and Skills this week and ask her Department to consider this proposal.


“While no one should make any nonessential journeys outside the country the ‘green list’ of countries we can travel to without quarantining on return will remove some concern. However, the reality is, like returning to work or to an appointment, there should be a process in which all student’s health details with regard to coronavirus are taken to protect the school population”, concluded Senator O’Loughlin.