More homebuyers now eligible for Local Authority Home Loan

Published on: 07 February 2023

                            Minister O’Brien announces increases to house price and income limits for all local authority areas
                                                               More single applicants will be able to apply for State backed loan 


The Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage, Darragh O’Brien TD, today announced significant improvements to the Local Authority Home Loan that will result in more people being eligible to apply for the State-backed mortgage. The prices of homes eligible for a Local Authority Home Loan and income limits of those eligible to apply for a loan are being increased.

The Local Authority Home Loan was launched in January 2022 as part of Housing for All. It supports creditworthy borrowers who are unable to get finance from commercial banks to buy a home. It can be used for new, second hand or self-build homes. It means those on more moderate incomes are helped by the State to achieve homeownership, a key aim for this Government.

The following changes to the Local Authority Home Loan will come into effect on 01 March 2023:


Increases to house price limits for all local authorities areas


  • Increase from €320,000 to €360,000 – Dun Laoghaire Rathdown, South Dublin, Dublin City, Fingal, Wicklow, Kildare
  • Increase from €310,00 to €330,000 – Galway City, Cork City, Louth, Meath, Galway County, Cork County
  • Increase from €250,000 to €300,000 – Limerick, Waterford, Clare, Wexford, Westmeath, Kilkenny
  • Increase from €250,000 to €275,000 – Offaly, Laois, Monaghan, Cavan, Donegal, Tipperary, Kerry, Mayo, Roscommon, Sligo, Leitrim, Longford, Carlow


Increased income limits for all applicants in each local authority area


  • Increase from €50,000 and €65,000 to €70,000 for all single applicants nationwide
  • Increase from €75,000 to €85,000 for all joint applicants nationwide


Speaking after the announcement, Minister O’Brien said:

“I am delighted to announce these improvements to the Local Authority Home Loan which will take effect from March 1st. Supporting home ownership is a key objective for this Government and the increase in eligible house prices coupled with the increase in income limits will mean more people can access the loan.

"Importantly, building on changes made this time last year we are again increasing the income limit for single applicants so that those earning up to €70,000 who wish to purchase a home can avail of the State backed loan. The ‘Fresh Start Principle’ also applies whereby people who are divorced or separated and have no interest in the family home, or who have undergone insolvency proceedings, can also avail of the loan.

"The changes reflect the reality of today’s housing market and we will continue to keep the Local Authority Home Loan under review to ensure it remains a genuine and relevant support for people who want to own their own home.”

Since February 2018 over 3,300 people have got on the property ladder through the Local Authority Home Loan and its predecessor the Rebuilding Ireland Home Loan.

Minister O’Brien, along with Public Expenditure and Reform Minister Pascal Donohoe TD, will sign the amendment regulations in the coming weeks. The changes will take effect on 01 March 2023.


Further info

A Local Authority Home Loan offers two fixed interest rate products:

  • 3.35% fixed for up to 25 years (APR 3.40%)*
  • 3.45% fixed for up to 30 years (APR 3.51%)*

More information on the Local Authority Home Loan can be found at

The maximum amounts that can be borrowed will be as follows:

  • In areas with a house price limit of €275,000, the borrowing limit will be €247,500
  • In areas with a house price limit of €300,000, the borrowing limit will be €270,000
  • In areas with a house price limit of €330,000, the borrowing limit will be €297,000
  • In areas with a house price limit of €360,000, the borrowing limit will be €324,000.

For more information on the number of local authority loans approved and amounts paid, at local authority area level, click below: