Minister O’Brien announces new ‘Ready to Build’ Scheme

Published on: 23 September 2022

Croí Cónaithe Towns Fund extended to include serviced sites in Fingal


The Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage, and local Fingal TD Darragh O’Brien has today (21 September) announced the ‘Ready to Build’ Scheme. The scheme, which will be funded under the Croí Cónaithe (Towns) Fund, will see Fingal County Council make available serviced sites in parts of North County Dublin at discounted rates for individual purchasers who wish to build their own home in Fingal.


Under the Scheme, Fingal County Council and other local authorities across the country will make serviced sites (i.e. sites with the necessary infrastructure such as electricity, water and wastewater) available in towns and villages to potential purchasers for the building by the purchaser of a principal private residence. The sites will be sold at a discounted rate of up to €30,000 from the market value. The discount will be determined by the cost of servicing the site. 


Many areas in towns and villages of all sizes face the blight of vacant and undeveloped sites, which, if brought back into use, could add real vibrancy to those communities. The scheme fulfils a commitment in the Government’s Housing for All plan, and supports the Our Rural Future policy and the recently published Town Centre First policy, which aims to tackle vacancy, combat dereliction and breathe new life into our town centres.


Announcing the new initiative, Minister O’Brien said:


“We know there is a great appetite out there for people to build their own homes in our many towns and villages. This scheme will provide many people in Fingal with a real opportunity to do so. This initiative is among the suite of measures in Housing for All to make housing more affordable for people in Fingal and to strengthen and diversify Fingal’s rural towns and villages so that they are a hub for local housing and employment growth. This new initiative will work hand-in-hand with the Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant, also funded by the Croí Conaithe (Towns) Fund, which aims to tackle vacancy and dereliction in our towns and villages by giving prospective homeowners a grant of up to €30,000 (€50,000 if derelict) for the refurbishment of a vacant property for occupation as a principal private residence.”


Minister O’Brien added:


“This new Scheme will bring added vibrancy to Fingal’s towns and villages where housing is needed. Not only does this policy support greater housing but, in line with the Government’s Town Centre First policy, it will make towns and villages more viable and attractive places in which to live, work, visit and run a business.”


All available sites will be advertised on Fingal County Council’s website and on relevant local publications. 


The application form, eligibility criteria and associated FAQs will provide additional information to people who would like to avail of the scheme. Further information will be available from the Vacant Homes Officer in Fingal County Council.