Minister Mc Conalogue welcomes EU campaign for Promotion of EU products

Published on: 03 February 2022

The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Charlie McConalogue TD today welcomed the 2022 call for promotion campaigns for EU agricultural products under the EU promotion regulations. The calls are open to a wide range of bodies, such as trade bodies, producer organisations and agri-food groups responsible for promotion activities.

A total of €185.9 million in EU funds is available for promotion campaigns.


Minister McConalogue said “This is a highly competitive fund with EU co-financing of 70-85% available for successful projects aimed at finding new markets and promoting EU agri-food products on either third country markets or within the EU, with industry funding the balance.”


He added “These kind of campaigns aim to highlight the high safety and quality standards of EU agri-food products, their diversity and traditional aspects.”


As in 2021, there is a focus on promoting products and methods that support the aims of the wider EU policies such as the Green Deal and the EU Farm to Fork Strategy.


Applications should be submitted by 21st April 2022 directly to REA, the EU agency in charge of the call via a dedicated electronic portal. Following an evaluation process by REA, a Commission decision will be taken in Autumn 2022 on proposals to be funded. These programmes will commence in 2023.

Detailed information is available at