McGreehan calls on Minister for Children to come to Seanad to debate urgent issues around childcare

Published on: 22 July 2020

Fianna Fáil Senator Erin McGreehan has called on the Minister for Children to come into the Seanad to outline his plans in resolving the childcare issues in the sector.

She explained, “Mothers of young children are having to leave employment as they cannot find childcare. It really is a huge issue that is going to get worse.  There are not enough childcare spaces to get this economy back up and running with the inclusion of women.

“The crisis in childcare is not only hurting children and their development, it is restricting women in the workplace. We have done much for gender equality in this country, but far more is needed.

“I believe we also need to have a conversation on the role of women in the Constitution. In particular, Article 41.2 that until this aspect of our constitution and that “her life within the home” is changed we will never as a State move towards true gender equality.

“There is the uncertainty for parents as we approach August and September and the return of schools. How will this look? What protocols will be in place? And how many days per week will students return for?

“There is still much uncertainty for children and their parents. I look forward to debating with the Minister for Children in the coming days and weeks”, concluded Senator McGreehan.