McConalogue secures support package for pig and horticulture farmers

Published on: 14 April 2022

€15.8m package to support farm families

 Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine Charlie McConalogue T.D. today announced the Government’s approval for exceptional aid supports of €15.8 million for the pig and horticulture sectors. These measures will be funded from Ireland’s EU funds allocation for exceptional adjustment aid to producers in agricultural sectors which have been impacted by Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, as announced by the European Commission on 23 March.


Under the exceptional aid package, pig farmers will be eligible for a maximum payment of €70,000 per undertaking, subject to conditionality.


Speaking after today’s Cabinet meeting, Minister McConalogue said: “The pig industry is a highly productive sector that has been under considerable pressure in recent months. It is a sector that I believe in and one that I have supported over recent times.  Despite how resilient the sector has proved itself, this is a very challenging time.”


“I am pleased to have received Government approval this morning for a €13m EU exceptional aid package to support commercial pig farmers. This supplements the €7m Exchequer funded scheme, with payments of up to €20,000 per undertaking, which I announced last month, and which was put in place to support the sector in the face of existing market disturbances, now considerably exacerbated by  issues arising from the war”.


“My colleague Minister Martin Heydon has played a key role in bringing this scheme to fruition especially his important work as chair of the Pig Roundtable.”


Minister of State Martin Heydon said: "the pig sector has proven itself as resilent, however, it faces an unprecedented challenge at present due to high input costs. Through the pig roundtable we have identified and progressed a number of important interventions to support the sector. This package is another important part of that response."


Support is also provided to the critically important horticulture sector, with an aid package of €2.8m has been approved to support ‘High-wire’ protected glass house producers of tomatoes, cucumber and peppers impacted, field vegetable producers, mushroom producers and commercial apple producers.


Commenting on the supports for the horticulture sector, Minister McConalogue said: “We are very proud of domestic horticulture and vegetable sector and it is a sector we must ensure the long-term viability of the sector. Similar to the pig sector, the horticulture sector has been experiencing significant input cost challenges. That is why I have acted swiftly to introduce this package to support our domestic horticulture sector.


“We are focussing the package at our high wire, field veg, mushroom and apple producers. These sectors make valuable contributions to the overall economy as well as playing a key role in producing top-class, safe, nutritious and local food. I thank my colleague Minister Hackett for her support in delivering this package. It is critical also that retailers similarly support native horticulture producers providing choice to the consumer and valuing our native production base, something our consumers expect and thereby securing the long term sustainable future for our horticulture industry.”

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