Malcolm Byrne calls for specific offences for assaulting or threatening retail workers

Published on: 18 April 2024

Senator Malcolm Byrne has launched the Protection of Retail Workers Bill, 2024.


The Bill would create specific offences for assaulting or threatening retail workers carrying out their employment.


Speaking at the launch of the Bill, Senator Byrne said he launched the Bill as Ireland must follow the example set by other countries in bringing in specific protections for retail workers.


He said: “It is no exaggeration to say that retail workers face horrible abuse, such as physical and verbal attacks, while they are simply trying to carry out their work.


“From meeting with and speaking to owners of convenience stores, retail stores and service stations and to people working in them around the country it is clear that the level of abuse they face is unbearable and there is a clear need to toughen legislation in this space.


“In launching this Bill, I have looked to Scottish law as an example. The Bill I have launched provides for specific offences with regard to attacks on retail workers, especially when it comes to their having to enforce age-related rules.


“By creating specific offences for attacks on retail workers we will be taking an important, necessary step to ensure that retail workers and the environment within which they work is free from violence and harassment.”