Gallagher welcomes €1m in research projects including gender based abuse, eating disorders and sexual harassment in school

Published on: 21 January 2022

Cavan- Monaghan Fianna Fáil Senator Robbie Gallager has welcomed the announcement of  €1 million in funding for researchers and community organisations to collaborate on societal issues.


The 77 projects from The Irish Research Council will reach communities across the country and beyond, focusing on diverse societal challenges.


Senator Gallagher said: “This is a really important partnership between our research family and community and voluntary groups. This will be incredibly valuable because it will examine societal issues and the impact on the most vulnerable in society.


“The community and voluntary sector plays a critical role in Irish life and will continue to do so. The questions this research will examine are some of the greatest societal challenges we are facing.


“For example, the research on body image and eating disorders. The conversation is often limited to describing the experiences of young women. This project brings together leading experts, Bodywhys, the public, and patients to work together to enrich our understanding of the diverse challenges society faces with respect to body image and eating disorders.


“Or sexual harassment and violence in secondary schools. A Bystander programme has been launched in third level. This research will examine if the same programme can be rolled out in secondary school.


“I look forward to seeing the outcome of this research and its reach.”