Fianna Fáil Senators call for TBESS to be improved to support more Irish Businesses

Published on: 16 February 2023

Fianna Fáil Senators Ollie Crowe and Pat Casey have today called for urgent changes to the COVID-19 Temporary Business Electricity Support Scheme (TBESS) to ensure it provides sufficient support to businesses across Ireland.


Senator Crowe and Senator Casey have highlighted the need for two key changes to the scheme to ensure it is fit for purpose. Firstly, the terms of the scheme must be improved to include more businesses and cover a larger percentage of their bills. Currently, many businesses are facing pressure from high energy bills and are in need of further support from the TBESS. The Fianna Fáil Senators have called for the scheme to be revised to provide more comprehensive assistance to businesses that are facing financial difficulties.


To date, less than €30 million of the €1.25 billion given to the scheme has been drawdown. 


Fianna Fáil Senator for Galway West, Ollie Crowe said, “The process of applying for the TBESS must be simplified. In its current format, the scheme is too complicated for businesses to apply for, and this is resulting in many businesses missing out on vital support. A simpler and more straightforward application process would ensure that all eligible businesses can access the support they need.”


Wicklow Senator Pat Casey highlighted that businesses not on the main power grid are currently not included in the scheme, saying, “This is particularly concerning for businesses in rural areas, which are already facing significant challenges due to their remote locations. It is crucial that the government revises the scheme to include those rural users reliant on LPG and Kerosene form part of the scheme. Businesses within hospitality are facing huge energy costs, of which many haven’t been able to receive support under the scheme. Particularly affected are those hospitality businesses reliant on LPG and Kerosene and it’s important a solution is found to include them.” 


Senator Crowe commented, "It is imperative that the TBESS is revised to provide comprehensive support to Irish businesses. The ongoing inflation in energy costs as a result of Putin’s war in Ukraine is having a significant impact on SMEs across the country, particularly within hospitality. The current support provided by the scheme is not sufficient, and changes must be made to ensure that all eligible businesses can access the assistance they need. We must work together to support our local businesses and ensure they have the resources they need to survive and thrive."



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