Fianna Fáil launches its campaign for the upcoming referendums on Family and Care

Published on: 13 February 2024

Fianna Fáil today launched its campaign for a 'Yes Yes' vote in the upcoming referendums on March 8th to amend and modernise our Constitution.
The referendums seek to recognise a wider concept of the family that is not solely based on marriage while at the same time continuining to protect the institution of marriage.
In addition to recognising the evolving nature of families, the referendum also aims to eliminate outdated references to the roles of women in society and acknowledge the invaluable contributions of all individuals, regardless of gender, within the family unit and in broader society.
Furthermore, the referendum underscores the importance of caregiving within the family structure and acknowledges that care responsibilities are often shared among various family members.
Speaking at today's launch, Úactaráin Fhianna Fáil Micheál Martin said, "We are strongly supporting a yes vote on both proposals which are before the people. We believe that the amendments would mark an important statement of inclusion in modern Ireland and represent an important recognition of a process of change which has been ongoing for up to sixty years.
"What is before the people is an important statement that we want a constitution which respects the reality of Irish society. A reality which is more inclusive. A reality which respects the right of women to choose their own role in society. A reality which acknowledges the diversity of Irish families. A reality which values the role of care for our more vulnerable citizens.
"A yes to both of the proposals on March 8th will help to give us a constitution which is more reflective of who we are and what we value.''
Director of Elections Deputy Thomas Byrne said, "Our society is evolving, and our understanding of the family unit must evolve with it. By recognising and embracing diverse family structures and eliminating outdated gender roles, we can create a more inclusive and equitable society for all. This campaign is about ensuring that every individual and family feels valued and supported, regardless of their marital status, gender, or caregiving arrangements."
Deputy Norma Foley said this referendum is about playing “constitutional catch-up.”  She said, "What we are proposing is to update our constitutional wording to remove any doubt– a woman’s place is wherever she wants it to be. It will keep care and compassion at the heart of our constitution, but in a more modern way.
"No constitution is ever static. Voters will again have the power to update and modernise this living and breathing constitution on March 8th, International Women’s Day."
Deputy Foley concluded by urging people to get out and vote –and to vote Yes.