Equal work for equal pay not a reality in new public-private hospital agreement – Donnelly

Published on: 30 March 2020

Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Health, Stephen Donnelly has said there can be no pay inequality in the fight to tackle COVID-19.

Deputy Donnelly was commenting as the Government announced a new agreement with the private hospitals association to use its resources and facilities for the treatment of both Covid-19 and non Covid-19 patients.

Deputy Donnelly explained, “As I understand it, private consultants will be on post-2012 type A contracts. This means that they will be paid more than some existing HSE consultants. Specifically, it will be the case for some on post-2012 type B contracts.

“This isn’t about consultants looking for more money. It’s about sending a very clear signal to our HSE doctors that they are valued, and their efforts to date are appreciated. Our HSE consultants have been critical in keeping the public system going for years and are working night and day to get the HSE ready for a surge in COVID-19 patients who need hospital care.

“We can’t applaud them Dáil Éireann and then pay them less than private consultants being co-opted for the short term – it’s not right.

“I sincerely hope this matter will be dealt with before the first pay checks arrive and give HSE consultants any reason to question their loyalty to the public health service,” he concluded.

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