Deputy Cowen welcomes Just Transition commissioner engagement with peat harvesting contractors  

Published on: 21 January 2021

Fianna Fáil TD for Offaly, Barry Cowen has welcomed the news that his suggestion of immediate engagement with peat harvesting contractors by the Just Transition Commissioner has been taken on board, with recommendations due to be sent back to Government. 

Deputy Cowen commented, “I had asked the Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications to meet with the industry to allow them make recommendations for a fair and equitable Just Transition which adequately compensates and offers financial incentives to provide alternatives for this industry. 

“The Just Transition Commissioner has been charged with working to develop, mobilise, and deliver opportunities for the Midlands for both those directly affected by the move away from peat harvesting and the wider community.”  

The Offlay TD continued: “I have been informed that as part of his role, the Commissioner has been asked to meet with those affected and to make recommendations on actions or measures that he believes could assist in the Just Transition. 

The Just Transition concept was always one which included the willingness to support, compensate and assist those impacted greatest with tools, incentives and supports to fund access and innovate in efforts to provide alternatives.” 

Deputy Cowen concluded: “The horticulture sector is one such sector which falls into this category and I am relieved to see my suggestion of immediate engagement to initiate solution-based recommendations reverting back to Government as soon as possible.”