Department must come clean on Leaving Cert preparations – Byrne

Published on: 28 April 2020

Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Education, Thomas Byrne, has called on the Minister for Education to urgently provide clarity on the current state of Leaving Certificate preparations.

Over 60,000 students due to take exams this year still have very little detail on the future of their exams following school closures earlier this year.

Deputy Byrne said, “The unprecedented situation created by COVID-19 means that many elements of the Leaving Certificate are up in the air. The Minister needs to provide the greatest possible clarity on what is available to students in these circumstances.

“We need a full and frank assessment of the state of play as it becomes available, from official sources, rather than leaks. They’re not fair on students, their parents or teachers.

“Since schools were closed in March, I have requested a number of key pieces of information be published. To my knowledge the Department has yet to provide even one of these.

“These include the written public health advice on the closure of schools, the public health advice on the delay in the Leaving Certificate, the advice on the fairness on the delay and the information that the Department is collecting on the digital divide.

“These are key pieces of information which cut to the very heart of what is or is not possible in the current circumstances. Students and their families are experiencing great stress at this time.

“There has been far too many leaks of what might and might not happen, it’s only adding to the stress and anxiety and we need official information to give assurance,” concluded Deputy Byrne.

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