Daly urges farm safety

Published on: 24 April 2020

Fianna Fáil Senator, Paul Daly, has called on the Government to renew its efforts in promoting safe practice on farms.

Senator Daly said the commencement of silage season coupled with the good weather and the fact there were more people on the family farm due to the COVID-19 pandemic, means there is now more potential for accidents.

He explained, “Year after year the whole farming community continues to be devastated by tragic accidents on farms, many of them involving children. Unfortunately, 2020 has proved no different and our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the two children who have died in separate farm accidents since the beginning of the month.

“There are about 140,000 family farms in Ireland, each of which is a place of work where children, working adults and the elderly can all live together. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic means there are children at home every day and in some instances one parent is working on the frontline which means the farmer is trying to mix parental and farming duties.

“By their very nature farms are dangerous places due to the presence of heavy machinery, livestock, sharp tools and the need to work at heights.

“There is no doubt that managing a farm is very demanding work and unfortunately health and safety concerns can often take a back seat when farmers face competing priorities. We need this to change and we need a redoubling of efforts in promoting farm safety,” concluded Senator Daly.

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