Cowen calls for hybrid working supports to boost local businesses

Published on: 07 May 2024

Barry Cowen, the Fianna Fáil European Election candidate for the Midlands North West, has called for more hybrid working supports to boost local businesses.


Deputy Cowen says hybrid working has been hugely beneficial for towns and villages in the region, with local economies and workers both reaping the benefits.


Deputy Cowen said: “Having more people working from home has been a big positive for communities, and I want to see more supports for workers and businesses who are contributing towards local economies.

“Towns and villages across the Midlands North West are enjoying a financial and social boost since companies and workers embraced a hybrid model, with local businesses benefitting from more footfall in less populous areas.


“Restaurant and cafe owners in particular have noted an increase in business on Mondays and Fridays, as hybrid workers call in to buy lunches and coffees.


“And, more often than not, it is locally-owned, independent businesses who are reaping the rewards, rather than the international chains that would be more prevalent in cities. This increased spending creates stronger, more circular economies across the region.


“Hybrid working also leads to an improved quality of life with many people happier to spend the day at home, resulting in vast improvements in relation to work-life balance, with many employees reporting increased productivity and job satisfaction by avoiding long commutes.


“This also eases the strain on public transport, leaving people with more free time instead of sitting in traffic, with less cars on the road producing less emissions and better results for the environment.


“It’s particularly encouraging to see so many young people able to remain at home instead of leaving the Midlands North West in search of work, resulting in a more inclusive, stronger and better sense of community in so many areas.”