Cowen calls for gradual phase out of commercial sale of turf to reduce impact on certain homeowners

Published on: 12 April 2022

Fianna Fáil TD for Offaly, Barry Cowen has called for a gradual phasing out of the commercial sale of turf to stop an outright ‘cliff-edge’ ban from impacting certain homeowners and families that still rely on turf.


Deputy Cowen commented “Some commercial turf-cutters have annual customers in localities where many homeowners don’t have their own plot and rely on these suppliers. It is those families and those providers who are impacted by a commercial sale ban. 


“We have to try to see if some agreement can be reached for the phasing out of commercial sales in such instances, rather than the cliff edge proposal being suggested. It is important to make the point that proposals, while not finalised, do not impact on people continuing to cut turf for their own use.”


The Offaly TD added: “I’d urge Minister Ryan to meet with representatives from all parties this week to discuss this further and seek out a fairer solution for the stakeholders concerned.


“Ultimately, we need a phasing out by agreement, whereby a just transition is realised with realistic and cost-efficient alternatives being made available for those impacted by proposals.”