Continuity of care essential for people with dementia – Butler

Published on: 03 April 2020

Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Older People Mary Butler has called on the government to ensure that there is continuity of care for people with dementia during the COVID19 crisis.

Deputy Butler explained, “There are more than 55,000 people living with dementia in Ireland and the current health crisis is posing difficulties for them and their carers. Routine is particularly important for people with dementia and the restrictions which have had to be implemented are having an impact on their daily lives.

“Carers are trying to ensure continuity as best they can and despite the pressure the health service is currently under, I am urging the government to ensure that the weekly supports – including respite hours – will still be delivered over the coming months. Many carers are providing 24/7 care and now, more than ever, respite is needed to allow them to them to undertake essential tasks like shopping and picking up medication etc.

“Dementia services have been seriously curtailed as a result of the COVID19 restrictions and this is putting pressure on the system. The care needed for each person with dementia is unique, and despite the current challenges, we need to ensure that essential dementia services are continued.