Chambers hits out at Turkey for abandoning international pact which protects women 

Published on: 21 March 2021

Fianna Fáil Senator and Spokesperson on Foreign and EU affairs, Lisa Chambers has strongly condemned the actions of Turkey in abandoning an international accord which serves to protect women. 

Turkey, which signed the Istanbul Convention 10 years ago, has pulled out of the accord which seeks to prevent, prosecute and eliminate domestic violence. 

Senator Chambers commented, “This is an utterly reprehensible move by Turkey, particularly at a time when domestic violence is increasing against women and girls. The EU must take swift action against Turkey; a country that continuously engages in conduct that flies in the face of European Union values and laws. 

“Turkey is a signatory to the Istanbul Convention and must uphold what they’ve signed up to. It’s a country that has applied for EU membership but in no way espouses EU values.” 

Senator Chambers added: “During the ongoing pandemic we have clearly seen an increase in cases of domestic violence. What does this inexplicable move by Turkey say to women in the country and also to women across the EU? According to a report by a women’s organisation, 300 hundred women were murdered in Turkey last year alone, and this figure may not even represent the true scale of the horror.” 

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