Cahill calls for concrete action on Knackery costs

Published on: 19 February 2020

Fianna Fáil TD for Tipperary Jackie Cahill has expressed his frustration with the lack of progress made on the cost of running knackeries.

Representatives of the Animal Collectors Association were forced to take strike action last year as a result of increased costs and new travel restrictions on rendering.

Deputy Cahill said, “The current impasse on this issue is deeply regrettable and is extremely frustrating for farmers and knackery owners. Following last September’s strike, the Animal Collectors Association entered into talks with the Department of Agriculture in a bid to find a pathway forward, but after eight months, these discussions have ended in stalemate.

“Many knackeries are family run businesses who have been struggling to cope with increased costs over the past few years. Changes in regulations – particularly the travel restrictions on rendering – have made it almost unviable for these businesses to continue.

“I have outlined a number of measures which would ease the burden on knackeries, but the Department has failed to bring forward any resolutions.

“Knackeries are an essential component in the livestock industry and I believe that in order for these businesses to survive the rendering restrictions must be removed and a subsidy for the collection of fallen animals should be introduced.

“Unless meaningful action is taken, these knackeries will simply shut, resulting not only in job losses but also serious issues for farmers who need to dispose of animals”.

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