Fianna Fáil believe
in home ownership


We were the first political party to recognise the unique importance of home ownership
in Ireland. Our ‘Housing for All’ policy, is a plan which sets us on a pathway of delivering
300,000 new homes between now and 2030. 29,851 new homes were delivered in 2022

Are you a First-Time Buyer?

Did you know you can avail of up to €100k towards a new home?
Housing Minister Darragh O'Brien explains the different schemes available and how to apply

Help to Buy Scheme

What is Help to Buy? 

Help to Buy is an incentive for first-time buyers. It will help you with the deposit you need to purchase or self-build a new house or apartment. Eligible homebuyers could get up to €30,000, by way of a refund of the tax they have paid over the past four years, towards their deposit.

How do I know if I am eligible?

To claim HTB, you must be a first-time purchaser at the time of the claim and you must live in the property as your main home for five years after you purchase or self-build it. You must be tax compliant and take out a mortgage as you ordinarily would with a mortgage provider. The home you want to buy cannot cost more than €500,000.

First Home Scheme

What is the First Home Scheme?

The First Home Scheme is a new initiative aiming to support people with home ownership.
The Government and participating banks will bridge the gap between the deposit and
mortgage a person has access to, and the price of the new home. E.g. if the house you want to buy is €320,000 but the mortgage you’ve been approved for and your deposit combined totals €277,000 then the First Home Scheme will provide the €43,000 shortfall.

How do I know if I am eligible?

To avail of the First Home Scheme, you must be a first-time buyer or an eligible person under the ‘Fresh Start Principle’. The home must be a new build home and must not exceed the purchase price of (For example) €350,000 for a house and €450,000 for an apartment in Waterford

The Help to buy Schemeis available in tandem with the First Home Scheme.

Vacant/Derelict Property Refurbishment Grant

What is the Vacant/Derelict Property Refurbishment Grant – Croí Conaithe scheme?   

Aiming to tackle vacancy and dereliction  and bring existing stock back into use, this scheme is open to properties built up to 2007 that have proof of vacancy for 2 years. From 1 May 2023, a grant of up to a maximum of €50,000 is available for the refurbishment of vacant properties including the conversion of a property which has not been used as residential heretofore, subject to appropriate planning permission being in place and of up to €70,000 where the property is derelict, i.e. structurally unsound and dangerous. 

How do I know if I am eligible? 

Properties must be vacant for two years or more and built before 2007.
Proof of both vacancy and ownership will be required to support the grant payment.
The scheme is available to principal private residence and for properties which will be made available for rent and with the tenancy registered with the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) for a period of 10 years post refurbishment, including the conversion of a property which has not been used as residential heretofore, subject to appropriate planning permission being in place. You can apply for the grant through your local authority. Please note additional SEAI grants may be available in addition to this grant. 

Fresh Start Principle

What is the Fresh Start Principle?

The Fresh Start Principle means that people who are divorced or separated or those who have undergone insolvency and have no interest in a family home, will be eligible for State backed affordable schemes such as the Local Authority Home Loan, the Local Authority Affordable Purchase schemes, Cost Rental and the First Home Shared Equity scheme.

Local Authority Home Loan

What is the Local Authority Home Loan?

A Local Authority Home Loan is a new Government backed mortgage for first time buyers and fresh start applicants. It’s available nationwide from your local authority. It can be used to purchase a new or second-hand property or for self-build.

How do I know if I am eligible?

To be eligible for a Local Authority Home Loan you must be a first-time buyer or a fresh start applicant in employment for two years continuously. The income limit for a single applicant is €70,000 and €85,000 for joint applicants. The price cap on the home is €300,000 in Waterford. You must provide proof of insufficient mortgage offers of finance from two regulated financial providers. For more information see here:

Local Authority Affordable Purchase Scheme

What are Local Authority Affordable Purchase Scheme? 

Local Authority Affordable Purchase Schemes will be developed by each Local Authority.

Each scheme will differ when it comes to the house type and the cost of the homes but essentially the aim is that the homes sold under the scheme will be at least 15% cheaper to buy than the local market rate with the Local Authority taking a stake in the home. Each local authority will advertise details of any scheme when it opens for applications which will outline criteria for eligibility.