My name is Dee Ryan,

I’m your Fianna Fáil candidate for Mayor of Limerick.

I am the daughter of Brian Corbett and Valerie Corbett, and grew up in county Limerick with my brothers Cathal and Ruairi in the 1980’s. 

After completing my schooling in Limerick, I went on to attend the University of Limerick and graduated with a degree in Business in 1998. I am married to Mike and we have four children ranging in ages from 15 down to 6 years.

On June 7th, voters in Limerick city and county get to decide what our priorities are for the next five years and who we want to represent us.

I’ve dedicated the last five years to Limerick business as CEO of the Chamber of Commerce and now I want to take that focus to the next level.

I believe that my vision, career experience, my understanding of the role and my energy make me the ideal candidate for Mayor and I’m asking you for your number 1 vote For A Better Limerick.

Go raibh maith agat,

MM DeeRyan


  • Bachelor of Business Studies, from University of Limerick
  • Started and ran a small business employing five people in Limerick for 12 years
  • Chief Executive Officer of Limerick Chamber 2018-2024
  • Served as a member of Shannon Estuary Economic Taskforce which set out the opportunities for floating offshore wind from the Shannon Estuary
  • Past member of Limerick Economic Forum
  • Former Trustee of Limerick Milk Market
  • Former Member of the Fáilte Ireland Gateway City Grouping
  • Director of the Limetree/Belltable Theatre
  • Former Director of the Board of Chambers Ireland 


When is the election for Directly Elected Mayor of Limerick taking place?

The election for Ireland’s first ever elected Mayor will take place on Friday, June 7th 2024, alongside the Local and European Elections.

Will this be a Mayor for the city or the county?

Both! The Directly Elected Mayor will be the new head of Local Government for both Limerick city and county.

What is the term of the new Directly Elected Mayor?

The new Mayor will have a five-year term of office.

How is this role of Directly Elected Mayor different to the current Mayor?

The new Mayor will be the leader of Limerick City and County Council, combining the ceremonial duties of the current Mayor with many executive responsibilities which currently rest with the chief executive.

The new Mayor will:

•    Negotiate and propose the annual Budget for Limerick City and County Council and propose the Countywide Development Plan.

•    Develop a Housing Plan and ensure its delivery during their five year term.

•    Be responsible for local facilities such as roads, parks and playgrounds, public spaces and county town and village centres.

•    Be tasked with revitalising our city centre and delivering Government business supports through the Limerick Local Enterprise Office.

•    Represent Limerick nationally and internationally – focused on seeking investment for jobs, infrastructure and services. 

•    Be a powerful voice for Limerick at national level, having a mandate and the right to be consulted by Government on all matters of importance to Limerick.

Can the role of Mayor do something about Limerick’s Hospital or Policing?

Even where the new Mayor will not have direct powers they must serve as a new, active voice for Limerick. Comprehensive action for a safe Limerick and a programme of investment and expansion of hospital facilities must be a core priority for the Mayor.

Is this new Directly Elected Mayor going to cost Limerick city and county more money?

No, this new role is being funded by central Government and all support staff, excluding the Mayor’s Special Advisor, will be drawn from within the current local authority complement of staff.


  • Better and more affordable housing, tackling
    dereliction and vacancy.
  • Better, safer, local roads and advancing the vital projects we need, like the N/M20 Cork to Limerick motorway.
  • Better public spaces to live our lives in, playgrounds for our children, inviting town and village centres for both visitors and local people to enjoy.
  • Crucially, Better, fairer economic opportunities, spreading jobs and investment across our county.

The Directly Elected Mayor can be a gamechanger for Limerick.

I am not a “status quo” candidate. The challenges for our city and county in health, housing, policing, safety and economic development demand clear and decisive leadership from a Mayor who has the necessary experience and is unafraid to tackle them head on. I can be that Mayor.