Core point that only Yes gives access to cheaper and more secure funding for public services

Tonight’s first major debate of the referendum campaign gives a significant boost to the Yes side as it was shown that ratifying the Stability Treaty is the only way to access cheaper and more secure funding for public services.

Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin had a major impact in directly challenging the No side to show how they would pay for public services if we vote down the Treaty and they failed to provide any answer.  When pushed from their slogans onto the ground of substance they were reduced to empty evasion.

Even though Sinn Fein sent in Mary Lou McDonald in place of their leader, they simply didn’t have credible answers to the most basic questions.

It was shown very clearly that if you want Ireland to be able to access secure funding for public services after next year and if you want to avoid much deeper austerity then a Yes vote on May 31st is essential.