Stephen Donnelly, Fianna Fáil TD for Wicklow and East Carlow has urged parents to continue vaccinating their children. This follows new figures released by the HSE which indicate that Wicklow has the lowest rate of take-up of the MMR vaccine in Ireland.

In 2017, only 85% of children received their jab, a full 7% lower than the national average according to new figures released by the HSE.

Deputy Donnelly commented, “Wicklow cannot fall behind when it comes to protecting our children from the dangers of measles, mumps and rubella. We are now a full 10% behind the target set by the World Health Organisation and have the lowest rate of take-up in Ireland.

“I am urging parents who have not so far had their child vaccinated to consider having a conversation with their GP about the vaccine. This year there have been six confirmed cases, and another 12 potential cases of measles in Dublin, Kildare and Wicklow.

“In most cases, the virus results in a high fever and rash but can be fatal. It’s also highly contagious, and those who have not had two doses of the MMR vaccine, young babies, or individual’s with weak immune systems are more likely to become infected. The lower the rate of vaccination in the population, the more likely we are to see an outbreak,” concluded Donnelly.