Responding to Minster James Reilly’s statement and answers in the Dáil this afternoon, Fianna Fáil Health Spokesperson Billy Kelleher has called on the Minister to clarify when exactly the Balbriggan site featuring in press reports today was actually chosen.

Deputy Kelleher commented, “Despite our best efforts this afternoon, the truth behind this Primary Care Centre debacle remains elusive.  In the opening remarks of a performance that was at times evasive and at times bizarre, Minister Reilly appeared to suggest that contrary to everyone’s understanding, the site in Balbriggan was not chosen by the former Minister for Health, but by him.

“This contradicts the Minister’s own account on the Pat Kenny show earlier today and entirely undermines the defence used by Minister Ruairi Quinn during today’s Leaders’ Questions when he dismissed a legitimate line of questions with the trite explanation that ‘Mary Harney chose the site’.

“I asked him twice in the Dáil to spell out when the site in Balbriggan was chosen.  Twice he refused to answer.  Rather than clear up the issue, Minister Reilly’s performance today has further confused matters.  He should move quickly to clarify whether or not he was the Minister who chose the site at the centre of today’s revelations.”