Fianna Fáil TD for Wexford James Browne has welcomed the progress made in securing a wheelchair accessible swing for the promenade playground in Enniscorthy.

Deputy Browne, “I’m reliably informed that Wexford County Council is set to install a wheelchair swing at the promenade playground in Enniscorthy. This is something which the local community have been pushing for in recent years and I supported the campaign during my time on the council.

“Wheelchair accessible swings are common throughout the country and it’s notable that Enniscorthy has been left without one. Thankfully this is set to be rectified in the coming weeks. There were some last minute concerns that the wheelchair swing could be installed on a different site to the existing playground. This is problematic as children with disabilities would have been unable to play alongside their friends. I raised this issue with the council and fortunately they agreed to locate the swing in the existing playground.

“It’s important that children with disabilities are able to fully participate in normal social activities with their friends. This helps children with disabilities to build confidence and it breaks down social stigmas.”