Fianna Fáil General Election candidate for Clare Rita McInerney has accused Fine Gael of continuing to ignore West Clare as plans for Moneypoint remain up in the air.

Her comments come after a number of senior government Ministers travelled to the Midlands earlier this month and met with people affected by the closure of the ESB’s two peat-burning power stations.

McInerney said, “West Clare has been completely forgotten by Fine Gael. The announcement that operations at Moneypoint would cease in 2025 was made months ago and not one Minister has come to Clare to meet workers or the local community.

“People here are worried about what the future holds for them. There has been no indication from the Minister or ESB as to what will happen the plant post 2025. Will there be opportunities for current workers at the facility, or should they be looking at alternative options.

“There is a complete information vacuum here in Clare and the government’s hands-off approach is typical of Fine Gael’s out of touch attitude to rural Ireland.

“I am calling on Minister Bruton and ESB bosses to level with communities in Clare. The current uncertainty is completely unnecessary and is preventing people from being able to plan for their futures”, concluded McInerney.