Fianna Fáil election candidate for Dublin South-Central Cllr Catherine Ardagh  maintains that recent Government inaction and incompetence over the Web Summit proves that the capital city needs a new structure to drive strategic investment, business promotion and attraction.


Cllr Ardagh pointed out that Fianna Fáil’s Local Government Reform plan proposes Directly Elected Mayors who would take responsibility for co-ordinating all aspects of major events.
“The argument for Directly Elected Mayors rests upon the concept of leadership,” said Cllr Ardagh. “This concept has worked really well in cities like London and New York. In the case of an event like the Web Summit a strong Mayor’s office could take responsibility for planning all aspects.”

“A strong Mayor’s office for Dublin could fight for local government needs, heighten the visibility of the city and broaden engagement with the public all while promoting greater accountability. The buck would stop at the Mayor’s door. It would mean that a fiasco like the Web Summit going to Lisbon would not happen again,” added Cllr Ardagh.