Fianna Fáil Seanad Group Leader, Senator Catherine Ardagh has said that the loss of Weaver Square gardens to residents will further reduce access to valuable green spaces for families and children.

The Crumlin based Senator was commenting following yesterday’s meetup of residents affected as it’s now emerged Dublin City Council are to begin works at the gardens and allotments as soon as tomorrow, Monday 21st January 2019.

Senator Ardagh said, “Residents in the Liberties and the entire Dublin 8 area have already suffered enough losses in community resources and should not now be faced with losing Weaver Square gardens.

“Despite our area being so densely populated, it has the lowest proportion of green space in the whole of Dublin city. It’s no wonder that the loss of this site has mobilised so many local people to come together and get involved in the campaign to save the gardens.

“We are proud of our community but are equally concerned about the future of one of the last remaining green spaces in what already is a major urban neighbourhood. This social, recreational space means a lot to many families and people living locally.

She added, “I have noted previously that I am acutely aware of the urgent demand for sustainable housing across the city and county but we cannot ignore the fact that there are other more suitable sites that could be developed just as quickly particularly those declared on the council’s derelict sites register.

“During a time when we are hearing more and more emphasis being rightfully placed on climate change and to live our lives more environmentally conscious, surely it’s a contradiction to do away with popular, well used green space in an urban centre. What about the large number of existing residents and their needs that are being so disregarded.

“The Local Authority has on occasion acknowledged the poor provision of open space and overall greening in the Liberties. These statements are both clearly at odds with their planned action on Weaver’s Square.

“If these works go ahead on the Weaver Square Gardens site on Monday, we won’t have made any progress towards making our city greener and more liveable. In fact, we will have taken a major step away from such an outcome,” concluded Senator Ardagh.