Fianna Fáil TD, Jack Chambers has said the dangerous cycling conditions along the Royal Canal in Dublin West must be urgently repaired to protect the safety of all those who rely on the route.

In information recently obtained by the Deputy through Parliamentary Question, the National Transport Authority have confirmed that upgrade works will be get underway along a stretch of the Royal Canal cycleway and walkway.

He said, “A number of residents in our area have approached me in recent months regarding the poor state of repair of cycling and walking conditions along the Royal Canal.

“As we come out of a particularly cold and wet winter, the unsafe road surface along the route urgently needs repair and upgrade works before any accident occurs or injury is caused.

“Repairing the stretch between Laurel Lodge and the bridge at Porterstown will bring major benefits to commuters, tourists and retailers in our community as well as creating a safer environment for cyclists.

“More needs to be done to encourage more people to get on their bikes. At a time when obesity is increasing, the wider promotion of active living has the potential to improve the health of the nation, as well as leading to a greener environment and substantial financial savings in the future.

“I do hope that better, safer conditions will entice more cyclists and walkers to use the route whether for exercise or for a daily commute.

He concluded, “If the Government is serious about its cycling strategy it needs to invest in improving and developing the current infrastructure in the Greater Dublin Area.”