Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Older People, Mary Butler has dismissed Sinn Féin silliness on Fianna Fáil’s Community Employment Supervisors’ motion as that party hurling on the ditch.

She commented, “The attempts to undermine our motion are simply Sinn Féin attempting to deflect from the fact that after the last General Election they failed to use their mandate to deliver anything of value.

Deputy Butler was commenting after claims from Sinn Féin TD, John Brady that it is up to Fianna Fáil to deliver pensions for CE scheme supervisors in the next Budget.

She continued, “Fianna Fáil has no problem using its mandate to deliver progress on issues such as these occupational pension anomalies.

“The comments from Sinn Féin’s Deputy Brady are letting Fine Gael away with their responsibility to follow the will of the Dáil. Minister Regina Doherty needs to accept that the Dáil supported our motion and to act on it to stop any strike action and to ensure that the good work of CE schemes and their workers continues.

“Since the last General Election, despite it not being our preferred position, we used our mandate to restore Post Graduate Grants for students, to restart the National Treatment Purchase Fund, to scrap water charges and to increase social welfare payments for everyone. We achieved all of this, and more, while still remaining an opposition party.

“What can Sinn Féin claim credit for? Very little in my opinion. Let’s be clear, they chose, after the last General Election, to run for the hills when the hard decisions needed to be taken.

“Sinn Féin and Fine Gael have been cosying up to each other over recent months, so perhaps it should not be a surprise that Deputy Brady is prepared to shield the Government from the pressure it should be under to deliver on this motion.  However, we will not allow Sinn Féin to cover up that complicity with false attacks on my party and the efforts we are making to put our mandate to good use,” concluded Butler.