Fianna Fáil Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, Niall Collins has said that while he wholeheartedly supports Ireland’s campaign to win a seat on the United Nations Security Council, he is disappointed that it seems to be led by marketing and not by substance.

“This week’s launch was heavy on spin and razzmatazz but lacked substance. Of course, there is a time and a place for this, but it’s now time we started focusing on the important issues that an Irish voice on the UNSC would bring to the table.

“Issues such as reform of the Security Council, including the ending of the Cold War vetoes of China, France, Great Britain, Russia and the United States must be to the fore.

“Too many resolutions have been vetoed that could have resulted in fewer deaths and atrocities in conflicts across the globe.

“Ireland’s campaign should have at its heart a commitment to ending the ability of permanent members to veto the will of the majority.

“Another issue that UN member states want to see action on is Ireland’s commitment to meeting the 0.7% Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) commitment.

“This issue seems to be down the pecking order for the Irish campaign. We need to rise above the glib, marketing spin and focus on the issues that matter to countries in the global south.

“Access to quality healthcare and education, securing meaningful employment and finding answers to both the causes and results of climate change require countries such as Ireland to meet its commitments.

“Where is the roadmap to achieving 0.7%? Where are the multi-annual funding plans? Countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America are looking at prospective Security Council candidates through these lenses and not through the lens of who threw the best launch party!

“Ireland has a proud record and heritage when it comes to doing right on the global stage. We shouldn’t be diminishing it by letting our campaign for a seat on the UNSC be led by marketeers,” concluded Collins.