Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Dara Calleary TD says the latest quarterly economic bulletin by NERI clearly shows that the recovery is not being spread to all regions.  The data from the economic think-tank suggests that 94% of the jobs created over the last year were in Dublin and the eastern side of the country.

Deputy Calleary stated, “This research is further evidence of the emergence of a two-tier recovery with job creation concentrated nearly exclusively in the capital and commuter belt region.  Whilst the government may query the figure that 94 per cent of jobs created last year were in the greater Dublin area alone, they cannot deny that they have failed to create a balanced job policy towards the regions – a fact which I have been pointing out for three years now.

“Worryingly, not only is there no recovery but employment is actually continuing to decrease in the West and the Border regions, and is stagnating in the South West. That’s based on CSO figures which the government accept.

“Fianna Fáil has been consistently arguing that urgently need a new strategy to set out a blueprint for a better balance of social, economic and infrastructure development across the entire country. It must be supported by more effective and integrated planning. A relatively small number of strategically located growth centres must be identified, which can in turn attract economic activity to their neighbouring towns and rural catchment areas.  For the plan to succeed, the administrative and political system must prioritise investment in these areas. This must not be an “anti-Dublin” plan, but one that fosters the full potential of each region, including the regions within the capital city.

“The Government seems to have only recently woken up to this regional imbalance.  It is an imperative that it addresses this uneven regional approach to job creation as an urgent priority”.