Fianna Fail Press Office
John Curran
Dublin Mid West

11 February 2016

Tuffy scaremongering no basis in fact
-Curran restates FF commitment to free GP care-

Fianna Fáil Dublin Mid-West candidate John Curran says that despite false claims being put around by the Labour candidate in the constituency, Fianna Fáil is committed to the roll out of free GP care in an orderly and sustainable fashion.

“We believe free GP care is a goal worth pursuing but it stands to reason that we need GPs on board and committed to the change. We need to listen and learn from them.

“The way in which free GP care for the under 6s was introduced caused a lot of resentment among GPs.

“So if we want free GP care we first need a new contract in place which has General Practitioners on board for universal GP care.

“This under 6s scheme was a major change and we need to see what lessons can be learned from it so that the further expansion of free GP care is put in place in a way that doesn’t cause any unintended consequences. We don’t want to roll out free GP care in a way that generates week long waiting lists for an appointment,” he warned.

“It’s not fair on GPs or on health services generally to impose this scheme without any evaluation or planning. GPs should not be exploited so that a Labour party in a panic can bribe the electorate.”

“It was when Fianna Fáil was last in government that the free GP visit card was introduced. We are committed to its further expansion and that will happen when we know that GP’s can cope.”

“Fianna Fáil’s stance on this is realistic and reasonable. Labour previously promised free GP care for everyone by 2016 which was never going to happen. Furthermore the Minister for Health has also said that it would overwhelm primary care to introduce it by 2021,” added Curran.