Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Transport Robert Troy says he is stunned that Minister Ross is continuing to remain silent on the Bus Éireann dispute despite the fact that an all-out strike will begin within hours.

Deputy Troy said, “People right across Ireland are facing significant disruption in the days ahead as an all-out strike at Bus Éireann approaches. Minister Ross has been warned time and time again that an all-out strike is a very real possibility, but instead of being pro-active on the issue he instead decided to remain as a silent bystander. Now we are at the edge of the cliff with an all-out strike only hours away.

“Yesterday in the Dáil I questioned Minister Ross on his involvement in overseeing the creation of a new plan to address the company’s loss making situation and restore it to a sustainable future. This is the plan that the company is seeking to implement from midnight tonight which is likely to lead to an all-out strike. I asked the Minister to confirm whether he sanctioned the implementation of this plan. He refused to answer the question on multiple occasions.

“Serious questions need to be answered over Minister Ross’s involvement, or lack-thereof, in this dispute. He has refused to be pro-active in dealing with this dispute and now it transpires that he has been working behind the scenes with management to develop a new cost cutting plan. This has shattered any remaining confidence that workers had in the Minister.

“Minister Ross has abdicated his responsibilities when it comes to Bus Éireann. He has done little to actually address the problems facing Bus Éireann despite being aware of them for months. He has also failed to come up with any contingency plan to limit the disruption caused by strike action. It begs the question, what exactly is Minister Ross actually doing as Minister for Transport?”