Fianna Fáil Brexit Spokesperson Lisa Chambers TD has responded to Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s latest PR initiative regarding Brexit, calling on him to focus some of his energies on the UK – Ireland relations that he and his predecessor have allowed to deteriorate to the lowest point in generations.

Deputy Chambers commented, “This week’s summit will confirm that the government’s repeatedly stated deadline for substantial progress on the Brexit ‘backstop’ has been missed and Ireland is now getting sucked in to the wider EU/UK negotiations.

“While it is important for the Taoiseach to maintain wide contacts amongst our partners, there is no logic behind him prioritising a tour of capitals which already support Ireland’s position rather than working on the critically important and non-existent relations with London.

“The Taoiseach recently admitted to going seven weeks during these critical negotiations without talking to his British opposite number and he appears to communicate with London solely through newspaper headlines.

“Standing back and demanding that the British come up with a solution has failed as a tactic and it is now time to try something else”.

She concluded, “With the limited time available the Taoiseach should prioritise re-establishing some credible contact with London.”