David McGuinness, Fianna Fáil Candidate for the Dublin West bye-election, has today sought clarification from his opponent in the Labour Party to clarify his position on the proposed sale of a stake in the ESB.  

McGuinness stated, “Over the last 24 hours, two senior Labour Ministers have worryingly signalled their intention to sell a minority stake in the ESB. I believe that the approach outlined by Minister Rabbitte and Tánaiste Gilmore in the Dáil will mean that this is the first step to the eventual and inevitable full privatisation of the ESB. This has been pointed out clearly to Minister Rabbitte in the Dáil, however the Labour Ministers are happy to carry on regardless.”

“Now it is time for Cllr Nulty to clarify his support for the position outlined by his Labour colleagues. The reality is that he is seeking a mandate from the people of Dublin West to enter the Dáil to support and vote for these policies. I think that Cllr Nulty needs to say clearly, that if elected, he would vote in favour of the selling of a minority stake in the ESB.”

“For my part, I am seeking a mandate from the people of Dublin West to provide constructive yet vigilant opposition to the current Government. I do not believe that the people of Dublin 15 will benefit from electing a silent Government backbencher, particularly considering we already have two local TD’s sitting at the Cabinet table. Neither do I believe that the best interests are best served by electing another hard left, ideologically blinkered Dublin West TD.