Figures obtained this month by Fianna Fáil Housing Spokesperson, Darragh O’Brien TD have exposed the low drawdown and abysmal delivery of much needed homes under the Local Infrastructure Housing Activation Fund (LIHAF).

To date, only €14m of the €200m allocated to this fund has been spent to provide 814 of the 8,000 homes that were promised as part of the fund outlined in the Rebuilding Ireland strategy which was announced almost three years ago.

O’Brien commented, “It might not make as many headlines as it previously has, but the crisis shortage of housing hasn’t gone away. The families living in hidden homelessness or in cramped hotel rooms and those forced to endure inhumane conditions living on the streets are all still suffering.

“In July 2016, Fine Gael launched the Rebuilding Ireland programme. The LIHAF formed a central aspect of their flagship policy to deliver affordable homes but it seems to be sinking under the weight of delays. It couldn’t be more blatantly apparent that the red tape surrounding the scheme is clogging up drawdowns hence the shockingly low rate of spending and delivery.

“Less than 10% of funding to provide less than 10% of the homes that were promised, in three years, is far from an efficient turnaround. In fact, the time lag between Government commitments and their delivery is compounding the housing crisis across the country.

“The fund is in need of comprehensive review to determine if it is even fit for purpose to address the housing emergency,” he concluded.